The process

To answer kitschenette’s questions from the previous entry I needed a bit more space than the comments section. First, I don’t think they went through my trash, but it’s at the other end of the building and a possibility. As for it being long and tedious, here’s a run down:

  • Fill out forms, add documents, and get statements from several offices (pay fees).
    Wait a few months.
  • Find out I sent in wrong document*, order document (because who knew it even existed?), send in when finally received.
    (*Notice document has error — more writing and calling to fix error.)
  • Receive new forms, send those in with other documents when necessary. Repeat.
  • Move cantons. Police show up at old residence to make sure I live there. They report I don’t live there.
  • Worry while more paperwork and phone calls are exchanged. No one comes to check new residence — different canton, different rules.
  • New letter arrives: give names of at least five people who must write that they know me and my husband, and that we are seen together socially. Can be family members. Wait for those letters to be sent and responded to.
  • Think I’m almost done, receive two more forms to sign.
  • Hear nothing for months. Call to find out what’s happening, receive news of acceptance. Letter comes days later with a hefty cost (several hundred Francs).
  • Home canton has a month to say no way, not her (not sure if this is put to vote or what). Can take up to two months due to processing.
  • Letter comes saying I’m Swiss. Buy champagne and celebrate.

Today I got my first voting materials in the mail. So it begins.

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