Flight of the busy bees

I hate flying, not like JM does because of the lack of space, but because at some point during the ten hours when I’m trying to get some sleep, my brain keeps reminding me that, hey there, nothing is holding us up, how on earth can you sleep? I usually spend the trip trying to ignore the state of suspension by watching movies and reading, but the last airplane was terribly old-fashioned with its monitors hanging from the ceiling, tiny-assed headphones, and lack of free wine with my meal. Added to the list of airlines I will never fly again are KLM and American Airlines. Continental may be cutting back on their services (where’s my warm, moist washcloth?) but at least I can choose something other than “Catch Me If You Can” while avoiding thoughts about our altitude.
We just returned from our last family reunion for a few years. I really enjoyed the trip and ate as much Tex-Mex as I could, along with two pints of Bluebell Homemade Vanilla ice cream, and only gained one kilogram. Yes! I was thinking it would be at least three thanks to all the chips and cheese, oh and Dr. Pepper.
My German test is in three weeks and I’m nervous, more so than usual. I feel like I’m in a constant state of tension these days what with flying, moving, work, tests, the future and all that entails… but I need to wait a while before revealing that one. A clue: it involves more flying. Egads.


3 thoughts on “Flight of the busy bees

  1. “the future and all that entails”………sooo mysterious! I’m dying here! (PS. Have been shoe shopping, will post a foto tomorrow)

  2. Faith, you’ll live a little longer by reading your e-mail. And nice shoes…
    Hi Nan, I believe the second pint I ate was for you. Would you like to share in the extra pound I gained too? Hee hee.

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