Sewing Bee

If I had time I’d be sewing one of these two beauties from the 70s. I’ve had them forever (thanks to my mom who orginally bought them), but can’t seem to find the time or fabric to attempt one. Perhaps because I know in my heart of hearts I’m a pants-girl. Or maybe because they would look absolutely hideous on me and I’d never wear them. Uh-huh.

2 thoughts on “Sewing Bee

  1. check out eBay for vintage fabrics — something in a pink calico, I’d think, for the top pattern — Butterick? McCalls?
    My mom, who was an excellent seamstress, always hated Vogue patterns. She said they were unnecessarily difficult.

  2. You know what would happen, don’t you? I’d buy all this fabric and it would sit there with all these patterns until 2070. By then I’ll be 101, and hey, it might just work…

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