Loslegen, or not

Yesterday in German class we played a word game (à la dominoes) using separable verbs. The above photo was one of my contributions.
I hope my neighbors don’t speak English because my balcony door is wide open and I just uttered an obscene word reserved for those special, private moments between one and the thing one just tripped over.
Other special moments in from this last week:
…Walking around the Dallas airport with a margarita in a Starbucks coffee cup.
…Making my own version of Homemade Vanilla ice cream with skim milk, vanilla sugar and regular sugar. I have to refrain from jumping up to stir it every five minutes so it has a chance to freeze before I go to bed.
…Telling JM that the sentence he heard about a man riding on his ass did not refer to the man’s posterior, but rather an animal.
…Butchering the German language every time I open my mouth this week, no, make that the last seven years. In fact, why am I still writing? I should be studying.