Testing is done and I never have to speak another word of German again! Well, not true since I live in Switzerland, but the days of German class and studying for the Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung are over. Results arrive mid-September — stay tuned for reports of great joy or else the gnashing of teeth, followed by a deep funk and the nursing of many Dr. Peppers.
Now I’m at a loss. Should I re-learn French (which immediately departed my brain after college) or Spanish?
Below is a photo I took atop a crane.We went a little too high and wide, stalling the thing. Aaaaah. The operator, who was up there with me, had to call his wife on his cell phone to get her to restart the truck. I took this shot for posterity, hoping it wouldn’t be my last.

3 thoughts on “Tested

  1. Spanish you can use all over the world! Never-say-never Elli, I thought ‘Dooei!’ at Schiphol would be the last time I used Dutch and whoopsey-kay, next thing you know you’re translating a novel and spending your entire day immersed in the stuff.

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