I have been consumed by many projects, events, and on-going dramas since August. I find that when I’m away from my computer I’ll mentally compose a blog entry that seems happily acceptable, but upon sitting in front the screen it just isn’t worth recalling. Or rather I’m just too lazy to think back and then press all those keys. Dear.
Highlights of the past 2 and a half months:
My mother and step-mother both visited us and cheese was had by all!
I ordered a new compact camera that will arrive by the end of October. So pretty.
Both JM and I had birthdays celebrated with delicious cake.
Low-lights of the past 2 and a half months:
JM’s uncle died on the day in between our birthdays.
His mother was told of her imminent joblessness.
We learned of a genetic mutation shared by several of my family members and are awaiting my own test results.
I have hyperparathyroidism, possibly as a result from this defective gene. We’re awaiting more tests to decide what to do.
Switzerland started importing Dr. Pepper. Now I have to do another intervention on myself and go through dreaded caffeine withdrawal headaches.
Future highlights:
A Leica!
Travels! Details to be announced later.
Caffeine free again and looser jeans!
The return of falling asleep within half an hour of actually shutting my eyes and attempting it!
Heck, a new haircut!
Nanowrimo! Oh no, not again.
Snow! Which means Return of Snow Corpse.
Much rejoicing. Yay.
Wow, I’ve just saved myself a few month’s worth of writing again. This blogging stuff is easy. Natch.

3 thoughts on “Natch!!!

  1. ey, I had only just checked to see where you were and there was no update and pow. out of the blue, such a big one wiht so many things! Sorry to hear about all the bad news you’ve been battling with.
    I know this is trivial but in a continuation of the weirdo coincedences we’ve noted in the past I was diagnosed in April with a form of thyroidism. Can never remember which it is, it’s the underactive one. Anyway, best wishes and hang in there!

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