I fell over*

Ho ho ho
Here’s adding injury to insult to injury. I was helping carry a chair downstairs when I misjudged the last step and went down with a crack. I’ve broken a bit in the middle and torn a bit on the side. At least I can still have surgery for my parathyroids in a few weeks once I know more about the mutation situation. Lovely.
*See “Sid & Nancy”

5 thoughts on “I fell over*

  1. It’s your right foot! I’m so sorry that that happened to you. And I see that you have your grandmother watching over it now. Love and kisses, TR

  2. Good grief! Eerie coincidence no.116! While moving into our new house four weeks ago I dropped a box and tore a ligament in my right foot and broke the small toe. Am just staring to walk normally again now. Jeesh! We have to stop this!

  3. Gah! Hey, next time warn me what’s coming my way! It seems to hit you first — perhaps that would change if we were in the same time zone. 😉

  4. Yes, at the moment I’m eight hours ahead of you so I am in effect the canary. Just imagine if you moved somewhere like, oh, I don’t know, Alice Springs? Then YOU’D be one hour ahead of me!

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