Because you care

Tuesday we met with my surgeon at around 5:30 for a consultation. We discussed the whole genetic/parathyroid story until close to 7. He treats several families with this disorder, so I felt pretty confident that I found the right guy. We explained to him that we wanted to do surgery as soon as possible. He said, “if I call you tomorrow, can you be here?” to which we replied yes. Then I went freak, freak, freak all the way home. He called at 8:06 the next morning to tell us to be there within two hours.
At the alloted time I hobbled up to hospital reception, was admitted, met my nurses, and shown the layout. A little later they came by to take my blood, needing about ten large tubes. I was then freed for lunch in the cafeteria because being vegetarian I had to turn down the offering of meaty lasagne that the other patients received (oh, but it looked good).
On the way back from the cafeteria we met my surgeon who had a sandwich in one hand and my lab results in another. After finding an empty office he explained my calcium levels were NORMAL unlike my previous test (showing mild elevation) and that there was really no pressure on me right now to have surgery. Yes, it would surprise him if I don’t have the gene defect, and I most likely have primary hyperparathyroidism, but it’s not doing any damage at this point. He said he was sorry for the drama of the situation, I thanked him warmly for being willing to treat me on such short notice, and JM and I hightailed it out of there.
Stay tuned for the next episode: She’s a mutant!

4 thoughts on “Because you care

  1. Hi, Elli!
    I didn’t know you had a blog, or I’d have been reading it all these years! I have one, too (included the URL for it). Mine isn’t as fancy as yours, but I’m a bit computer-challenged.
    I’m glad you didn’t have to have surgery, and I am sorry you fell and broke your leg? ankle? foot?
    Love, Judy

  2. Hi Judy! I’m not sure if you’d really have wanted to be reading it all this time (zzzz), but it was very sweet of you to say. Thanks for leaving a comment!
    Hey, Anna. Yeah, it’s a template again. I sent Elsa an image of what I want to do and if she likes, will be attempting it over the next two weeks. Or I’ll just leave it be for another year. Laziness, I mean, uh, other projects win out over the blog.

  3. I’m so glad you didn’t have to have surgery after all. (But all you had to do was ask me if I’d had surgery lately? heehee)Stay well.

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