And now this week

After another visit to the specialist, I now have three various ankle support devices to wear until Christmas. On that holy day I can finally remove the plastic supports in the boots. Hallelujah indeed.
Wednesday I had massive amounts of hair chopped off my head and bought new glasses. I know I let you vote on the specs last time, but I threw cochon* to the wind and went for something not previously introduced to my 37 year old sloth-ingrained being. Now I shock myself each time I look in the mirror and though JM and his family have been very supportive with lots of praise, it’s taking a lot of adjusting. The hair, it’s short and sticks out all over the place. The glasses, they are red. Everything I’ve done screams “look at me!” thus going against the past 17 years of cultivated move-along-nothing-to-see-here-ness. What have I done? I want mousy, blend-into-the-crowd girl back. Gack.
*pig in French

2 thoughts on “And now this week

  1. I too vote for a foto of the haircut and glasses! They sound great. The boots look OK, for walking and working stability boots! So much functionality in one package!

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