White beaches Christmas

As you can tell from the above photo we’re not in Switzerland anymore. We’re on holiday in lovely Australia, yes, again! Now you know why I cursed long and hard when I hurt my foot (besides the pain). Still we’re enjoying a few tours starting in Perth, leading us who knows where.* So I’ll be blogging from the road for a while with a photo thrown in from here and there to make you guys up top a little warmer. Until the next internet cafe…
*Well, we have a vague idea. Okay, a concrete idea. Still that’s all future posting material, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


4 thoughts on “White beaches Christmas

  1. So cool!! I thought for a minute you were the one in the sandels until I took a better look. What a beautiful view. Keep your fans posted.
    Love, Auntie Mary

  2. Hi Faith — I’ve got your digits and you’ll know as soon as/if I’m in your neighborhood. We’re looking for the next destination soon which is either north (hot!) or east (ah!).

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