Yesterday, my almost-sixteen year old niece A. and I went on our annual Christmas do-nothing day. I meet her after school, we head down to the Old Port and drink cocoa in the hipster coffeehouse, we wander around looking idly at all the goodies in the shops, we perhaps buy a present but I’m not saying. In short, we goof.
Within two or three minutes of meeting yesterday, we had giggled twice over the unbidden emergence of our catchphrase for the day.

We have no goals or tasks planned, so it’s a brief respite from all the planned festivity and gift-gathering hysteria of December. Also, since she’s awesomeness itself, just being with her makes me happy.

My favorite moment, though, happened as we strolled down Exchange St., just after leaving the toy store. A. turned to me and said, “You know what song I’ve got in my head.”

“Uh… no.”

And she quietly sang, “Reno Dakota, there’s not an iota…”

And we harmonized down the street:

“… of kindness in you
You know you enthrall me
And yet you don’t call me
It’s making me blue
Pantone 292
Reno Dakoto I’m reaching my quota
of tears for the year
Alas and alack you just don’t call me back
You have just disappeared
It makes me drink beer
I know you’re a recluse
You know that’s no excuse
That’s just a ruse
Do not play fast and loose with my heeeeeeeeeeeeeeart”

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