Happy New Year!

Now that I have a few more minutes of internet time before we set off again, here are some deep thoughts and other events from the road:
If your taxi driver asks you, “Did she tell you how much to pay?” You know you’re about to be ripped off. (From the layover in Joburg, South Africa.)
I agreed to help test the meat-sniffing beagle while going through Australian customs by wearing a small rucksack with a piece of beef inside. I asked if the dog would bite me, but was told she would sit excitedly next to me and wait. The beagle passed by me several times though before finally detecting something. It looks like her training will last a little longer.
I can’t imagine wearing these heavy boots and woolen socks much longer in this heat. Heal, ankle!
Certain words are throwing me for a loop, such as “mate” for friend. At the dog cemetery I saw a pet’s grave marked “worker and mate” and immediately thought it meant partner. No, no, no.
Australia’s water crisis is due to all the backpackers and rest stops with leaky faucets — I’m certain of it.
Our tour guide from Perth to Broome said, “I’m not gonna die on this tour, so you’re not gonna die on this tour.” Very reassuring. Later that day I had a python wrapped around my neck but unfortunately lost the pictures in the ethernet.
Flies suck.
On that tour to Broome we spent Christmas Eve and day in the Karijini, hiking into gorges and collecting red dirt on every sunscreen-slathered exposed part of our bodies. We slept out in swags and prayed that the large huntsman spider we saw earlier stayed up in its tree. There were 13 others on this trip including the guide and we all exchanged presents purchased before the bush excursion. I got a little fridge magnet from the Ningaloo Reef and JM got two stubbies for his diet cokes. We gifted others with plastic flying toys and a water gun. It was a good trip and I was even more appreciative of it once it was over and I had running water again.
We’ve been in Broome the past few days and are about to spend our anniversary (number 8!) at Kooljaman at Cape Leveque. We’re 4-wheeling it out there for two days before spending one more night in Broome and then flying to Darwin. More updates from the big town. And Happiest of New Years!

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  1. I think you’re very brace going to Broome at this time of year. It IS one of my favourite spots ever but in december? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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