Where did Elli go?

When I wrote about my newly acquired Swiss citizenship way back in January ’06, little did I know what I was setting myself up for. Just a month later we were in Australia on a much needed month-long vacation. And that’s when we decided it should be permanent. I think I can rightly thank (or blame) Faith for this trend, since not long after her Dutch citizenship came through she returned to Oz.
So I now live in Alice Springs, Australia. G’day y’all. I love the local library. I brought back some books a few days late and got out my coin purse to pay the fee. The librarian informed me that there was nothing to pay, “we’re just happy to get the books back.” Yes, yes, yes! Hey, you already knew I was a geek, let me rejoice.
In other news, I missed my 20 year high school reunion last weekend (couldn’t afford the plane ticket after spending a small fortune to move here) but was able to see photos of all these middle-aged* looking women (it was an all girls school) drinking margaritas and smiling madly. I got nostalgic for half an hour and listened to 80s music on iTunes. Major crisis averted.
I can blog again! Life is good! Exclaim!
* My father mentioned today that I was middle aged. He’s so cute. Happy Father’s day again, old guy.

2 thoughts on “Where did Elli go?

  1. It is good to see you two mature women back in the saddle, so to speak. I’ve put some years on myself. Aged to perfection.

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