Current mind warp

I can’t seem to wrap my brain around the fact that it is (insert expletive) winter and there are no Christmas tunes or decorations. I do not like this, Sam I am. If I’m going to be chilled to the bone I want some good will, eggnog and sparkling lights. Bah, Junebug.

6 thoughts on “Current mind warp

  1. Maybe you need to introduce the Aussies to a Winter Solstice celebration. There’s always Festivus — Paddy’s favorite winter holiday.

  2. There is a beanie festival starting Friday — I bet I find lots of decorative people there. That’s going to be a spirit lifter, for sure.

  3. wow! I haven’t read your blog for a while, and now what do I find! you’ve up and moved to oz. To _Alice Springs_, for goodness’ sake. Bit of a difference to Switzerland, that’s for sure. Hope you enjoy it – it must be a real adventure (I’d be staying clear of the grubs tho – bleerch). I’m happy to send you some muesli if you can tell me the brand you like (i’m off to London soon so can pick up my own brown sugar, thanks anyway).

  4. Quite the difference to Switzerland! But I still run into quite a few Swiss people living here or visiting town.
    I did manage to find a place with organic goodies and odd staples so I’m trying their muesli. Will come begging for help if it doesn’t live up to expectations!

  5. Hi there. I haven’t read your post in awhile. Glad you are posting again. Gosh, was it really your 20th year high school reunion? Now I feel old. Wait a minute…I am old! Yikes, when did this happen?

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