Hermit update

We interrupt this winter to bring you spring, glorious spring. While the nights are still finger-numbing cold, the days are absolutely gorgeous. I know it won’t last, but a girl in the outback can dream up until she realizes she’s moved into a new house that has no pool and boy, isn’t she sorry now.
The update for all my beloved friends and family is thus: we’ve found a new house also with three bedrooms, but oh so much smaller. That’s good though, right, global footprinting and whatnot? And the view, wow, can’t wait to show you photos. The only thing is it’s lack of a large water container in which to thrash about like a giddy child. My options are a kiddie pool or one of those primo above ground things that would take up the entire back yard. It’s still such nice weather though that I’m thinking I’d prefer the next model Canon camera when it comes out next month. Let’s all have a laugh about that one come high summer.
It’s our weekend so I’m climbing back into the shell. More words and photos to follow soon.

4 thoughts on “Hermit update

  1. I know that the pool made the hot weather more bearable. So sorry you are losing it. Does the new house at least have a large bathtub?

  2. It seems the new house is not yet the new house. We were expecting to sign a lease today but instead received a call from the agent telling us that after accepting our offer that was $30 below their asking price, they’ve changed their minds and are offering $10 below. We’ve started looking again except that we’ve seen everything out there. Ugh.

  3. I wish you happy hunting for a new house. A pool is a nice amenity (did I spell that right). It is Elsa’s BD and she is writing about sandwiches and lemonade. I think she should be, you guessed it, isn’t there a spare restaurant she could buy?!?

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