Na na na na na na na na

You say it’s JM’s birthday! It’s my birthday too, yeah! That’s right, folks, we’re heading into the outback for that birthday time of year. We’ll be dodging snakes and sand traps for the week ahead. If you don’t hear from me by Friday, come a-lookin’ for us near Dalhousie or King’s Canyon. A mighty feast will be had and swags will be snuggled in. See you soon for updates on the housing saga (we’ve found a place) and the green dreams.


2 thoughts on “Na na na na na na na na

  1. Happy Birthday to you both. Hope you have a SAFE trip. Looking forward to hearing about the house.

  2. It’s the 20th just barely although my computer says it isn’t but it’s JW’s BD too! Have a great time in the outback! I’ll sing for you & J-M on your BDs.

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