Two trips in one

Birthday Safari 07
We survived the birthday safari that started off as a trip south along the old Andado track and ended up north at Gemtree searching for garnets. The reason for our switch was the surprise blowout of one of our tires (destroying both rim and rubber) and the maddening search for a replacement. After spending the better half of JM’s birthday running around trying to find another spare, we headed back home for some pizza and a sleep.
The second day saw us locate another spare rim and tire, freeing us up to head back on the road, this time north to Gemtree, Aileron, and the disappointing Ti Tree. We spent the night in Aileron and woke up bright and early to head back to Gemtree so we could learn the fine art of fossicking for garnet. We came away with some cut-worthy pieces including a 6mm. We were as red as the dirt by the time we left for home. After we rewarded the car with a wash, as well as ourselves, we headed out for fondue. JM then turned in and I’ve been sitting here looking at photos and dreaming of my next dig. I am hooked on this fossick thing.
Click the photo above for more flickr photos of our trip.