Feeling awful on many levels

I’m still shaking a bit after hearing the gate open and seeing an old aboriginal man walking into my house through the open sliding glass window. I picked up my mobile phone and walked to him telling him to get out. I didn’t want any explanations or shaking of hands in greeting, I felt totally intruded upon and at the same time horrible that I wouldn’t ask this man what he wanted — my only goal was to get him out of the house. After a few minutes of repeating over and over, no, please go, get out of the house, he turned, walked back to the gate. He turned back to me and I started dialing JM on the mobile, telling him what was happening as the man crossed the street, got into the passenger side of a blue sports car and it left. I then saw my neighbor across the street was outside watering so I’m not sure why, if the man had a question or something, he felt the need to cross the street and enter my house. I guess I keep the gate locked from now on so that people have to shout for me from there.
All this on top of catching a cold yesterday. I’m home sick, only sitting at my desk because the bed is killing my back. And I’m telling myself that this lump in the side of my neck is just a swollen lymph gland that will go down once my cold goes away. Let’s not even go into the menstrual cramping that started this morning. I think it’s time to hit the couch for a nap.

2 thoughts on “Feeling awful on many levels

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to you and JM. Sounds like you are starting to enjoy some of the fun of becoming older. Don’t worry, by the time you reach 40 you will be happy to just still be alive and by 47, you will be surprised your still alive. Just kidding…it’s all gravy. Miss you kiddo.

  2. I don’t know whether to be more concerned about the man coming into your house or the lump on your neck. Neither one sounds very good. I wish you health and safety.

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