Early September. Ahhhhh. New England starts to shift into fall. Leaves turn crisp and so does the wind. Classrooms fill up again. I put away sandals and tank tops and unpack sweaters. Time for tea and pumpkin bread, not lemonade and bitching about the heat.

This sliver of a season has always resonated more for me than the forced festivity of New Year’s Eve, that desperate exclamation point at the end of the winter holidays.

In fact, it feels like the beginning of a new year. And so I’m making my September Resolutions.

Carry the camera more. Some time ago, Elli sent me her carry-around camera. Though I love it, and though I’ve used it quite a bit, I haven’t developed the habit of carrying it around so I can snap anything that strikes my fancy. I’m still stuck in the 20th century mindset, where every shot costs an inch of film rather than a eensy sliver of memory.

Start uploading to Flickr. I have two photos. More would be better.

Write letters. Paper letters! Really!

This year, actually get the handmade Christmas presents made before December 20th.

Get fit. A bit. A bit fit. I’ve been vigilantly working my physical therapy routine, but I’m still too big for my britches, and that’s no good.

Spend less time online. (Sob. I know you’ll miss me.)

Get back into my breadbaking routine: twice a week every week.

Write more. I’m working on a cookbook, and I feel some other work burbling away in my brainpan, if only I would let it bubble out.

Throw a tea party, with fancy china cups and tiny teacakes and fruit and wafer-thin sandwiches. No, have one. It’s wafer-thin.