Goodbye old house

Things I will not miss about this house:

  • The barking dog that arrived last month. It lives right behind us and barks all the damn time, day and night. I’ve spent countless nights imagining giving him sleeping pills encased in a variety of soft foods.
  • The wood burning stove that supposedly heats the house. Guess what, it doesn’t. There is no heating. You might not think this is necessary in Alice Springs, but it can drop below an ass-freezing 0C in winter. Heating is required.
  • The yard. This is the desert, why should I have to water? Plants are nice and I appreciate that the front garden has many native, drought-tolerant bushes, but the mass of potted plants that need daily water is excessive.
  • The size — it’s a bitch to clean. Never again. J-M is out of town and I’m left with the task of scouring the monster for hand over on Monday. It’s Saturday and I’m not sure how I will get this done. Photos of the new place will follow next week when J-M and my camera return from Melbourne. Hint: there will be camels.

Let’s talk about the weather.

Sunny. Hot. Dry.
Sunny. Hot. Dry.
Sunny. Hot. Dry.
Sunny. Hot. Dry.
And for a change of pace later this week…
Sunny. Hot. Windy.
It’s already summer with days reaching as high as 36C/98F degrees.
I will miss the pool.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye old house

  1. Sunny. Hot. Dry.
    Look, that’s just weird. My small head cannot wrap around the idea that you and I live in entirely different seasons. It’s not right.
    Perhaps you’re mistaken.

  2. Just wait until I start bitching about the heat at Christmas and how my bikini doesn’t afford me an ounce of relief.

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