Cleanliness is next to Swissness

I can proudly say that after all the scrubbing and scouring the past few days, this house is NOT Swiss clean. I’ve really managed to hold myself back to around 80% effort — it’s feels so good and yet so wrong.

3 thoughts on “Cleanliness is next to Swissness

  1. I’m still a bit confused by the IDL, but N’says you must have turned over your house by now. To remember what time zone you are in, she uses “17” in honor of the IDL. Me, I use “5” and let it float ahead, adjusted by tomorrow. I’m no longer sure what day it is here. Old age can be a challenge!

  2. So where are you moving? I commiserate with you about your weather. We’re having about two weeks of boring, hot weather here. It’s 90 deg F in the daytime and around 80 deg F at night, little wind, no clouds to speak of, and as an added bonus, SMOG. Fort Worth never had smog when I was a kid. Do you at least have clean air in Alice Springs?

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