campfire stories, William Gibson style

Just in time for Hallowe’en, a few spoooooooky stories, internet style:
But Andrew didn’t want to go. Dave got into that argument with him about how it was the perfect setup for a young bachelor, house all to yourself, party time, Risky Business, and Andrew kept saying it was too cold there for a party. Too cold. I distinctly remember that. Don’t fail to click the updates link, and follow up all the tendrils as they spread…
I will NOT reveal the location of the cave to ANYONE for ANY REASON! [spoiler] Ted the Caver’s page by page description of his close call in Mystery Cave takes its action directly from Thomas Lera’s short story “The Fear of Darkness.” Oddly enough, the staccato online delivery of the story packs more punch, building from a mildly interesting account of a caving day-trip to nerve-pounding fear.
– Finally, a post entitled I found a digital camera in the woods! was smeared all over the net a few years ago, but I found the photos still alive and kicking here and here.
Turn out the lights and enjoy!

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