Can I eat this? redux

Knowing that I’d missed at least one Can I eat this? question posed to AskMe, I scoured the archives… and found even more than before:

Freezer fiasco
“Sell-Before” Sauerbraten
highly suspect pork
lots of suspect pork!
Another crockpot/chicken question
Spam from the trunk of a car

five-day-old pizza dough
refreezing thawed hash browns and fries
overnight rice
a nice puttanesca, perhaps?
pasta, canned sauce, and canned fish, all past their “Best Before” dates

backpack Velveeta and cupboard Colby
– The positively Biblical-sounding honey from a fallen hive
13-year-old triple bock
Why must I cook Patak’s curry paste?
really miscellaneous
I can’t stop eating sand.

fizzy tomato sauce
fizzy salad dressing
fermented applesauce

Kulfi: explosive, poisonous, both, or neither?

putatively healthful
Is this health drink harmful?

a splash of color
Why has my garlic gone blue?
Wait — why has my garlic turned blue?
Okay, then, why has my garlic turned fluorescent green?
Why is my coconut milk blue?
I am participating in NaBloPoMo.

1 thought on “Can I eat this? redux

  1. Gah. I could hardly even read this list without getting the all-night-shivers. My rule is, if I am wondering, it is out of here. That being said, J. questioned me on an opened container of chicken broth that had been in the fridge for a few days, and as I said, “I’d probably toss it”, he poured it into the pot.
    Of course it was fine.
    “honey from a fallen hive” —how wonderful.
    Honey has been used as an antiseptic-it is so viscous that air cannot penetrate, and bacteria cannot grow.

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