I’m having drinks with a bunch of strangers from the internet* tonight, and I suddenly realized I have a number of things to do before I head off to the brewery to meet them, so this will be quick and poorly proofread.

*They’re fellow members of a forum I frequent. I think of them as “the tiny people who live inside my computer,” or more succinctly as “the internerds.”

The prospect of meeting strangers in a bar is giving me a slight case of the wig, not in the vein of “oh noes, abducted by preverts!” but in the foot-shuffling, pavement-gazing, first-day-of-school way. Bars are not my favorite thing: for medical reasons, I oughtn’t to drink right now, and a bad ear means I can’t hear where it’s noisy.

And then there’s the shyness. It’s not that I’m shy, but that I suffer from the illusion that I’m shy. “What if they don’t like me? What if I can’t talk to them?” I mewed jokingly to The Fella last night. He gave me the eyebrow and pointed out that I talk to everybody. And everybody talks back.

I am participating in NaBloPoMo.


4 thoughts on “shy

  1. Yeah, that is fake shy. Real shy is when you don’t say anything the entire time and stammer when someone asks you a question:) That sounds like fun. I once spent a weekend partying in Quebec City with an friend I met on an internet forum… and then learned she was a call girl. That is how she scored such sweet hotel rooms to party in! An hour of work then a weekend of partying with friends. Crazy! We still ended up being friends for quite a while. You never know with those internets.

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