Enjoying my first egg nog of the season spurred me to remember one more quirk: I find it hard not to swig the whole glass at once. Something about the taste and texture of egg nog — and of no other drink — urges me to fill my entire mouth with the stuff, like a tiny baby who packs his face with mashed beets to sate the taste buds located on the sides and roof of the mouth.

Occasionally, I allow myself to do the same with M&Ms. If you’ve never filled your mouth with M&Ms and felt the cool shiny sugar shell click against your molars, you’re missing out.

Oh, shut up.

Obviously, I am participating in NaBloPoMo.

update: Sweet honeyed Lucifer, it runs in the family.

4 thoughts on “mouthful

  1. M&Ms are the most pleasant mouthful! I am not into the eggnog, though. That stuff is way too thick for me. I do enjoy the taste. I should just make nog flavored skim milk or something.

  2. em: I usually cut egg nog half and half with skim milk. Not that time, though. I can’t decide about the texture: mmm or erg! While I was deciding, I just kept swilling it.

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