displayOn my sister gaoo’s recommendation, The Fella picked up a big bottle of J.K. Scrumpy hard cider for me to sample. I’m a well-known lightweight, given to wide-eyed staring and whispered pronouncements of “I’m a teeny bit drunk!” after a drink or two, so I tried to persuade him to split the big bottle with me, but no go. I think it’s just possible he likes to get me sauced.

Bravely soldiering on, I guzzled the whole lot down on my own, smacking my lips the whole time. Nuanced online reviews of peppery backnotes and smooth finish notwithstanding, I have this to say about Scrumpy: it tastes like non-alcoholic sparkling cider, but, uh, not non-alcoholic. It’s crisp but quite sweet with a boozy little kick, and ridiculously drinkable.

I drank it with a supper of rumbledethumps* with spicy salsa, and it suited that humble dish down to the ground, complementing the earthy flavors while its round, fruity smack balanced the sting of the chiles. I think it might go even better with something slightly sweet and fatty, like a squash pizza. On this first tasting, I found it uncomplicated, but be assured that I’ll endure many, many future tastings to be sure.

Incidentally, to scrump = to steal apples.

Also, “scrumpy” is a perfect word to giggle over when you’re lolling about on the sofa after two drinks.

*Around here, that’s potatoes, cheese, and broccoli, not cabbage.
I am participating in NaBloPoMo. Still!

5 thoughts on “scrumpy

  1. Yes, which makes one 20-some-odd ounce bottle the perfect amount for me… if I want to spend the next ninety minutes giggling and sliding off the couch. (Which, of course, I do.)

  2. I am not familiar with that one, but I was a big fan of Woodchuck Cider (a Vermont product) when I lived in Maine. The dark version is especially lovely. Look for it at RSVP or somewhere. I bet you’d like it, too.

  3. I’m originally from the south west of the UK, where cider and scrumpy are most popular.
    I’m still a little fuzzy on the differences between the UK and US versions of these drinks. In the UK it’s often basically a form of “moonshine”.
    A friend of mine once bought some scrumpy from a local farm. It came in a large plastic container which I’m sure had previously held petrol or pesticide or somesuch. It was completely opaque, and had bits of twig and insects floating in it. I daren’t even guess at the alcohol content.
    Parts of my brain still haven’t entirely recovered fom that little session, even though it wassome 15 years ago.

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