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Inspired by an email exchange over her aunt’s now-famous pim(i)ento cheese recipe, Jagosaurus and I decided to throw a sandwich party. Since she lives wherever the heck she lives and I live wherever the heck I live (wait, where am I?), we’re throwing the party online, so you can come to it, too!
Really! No RSVP needed, just show up! Here’s how:
Anytime on December 7th, 8th, or 9th, 2007 (that’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of next week), you eat a sandwich and post an entry about it on your site. Tell us what kind of sandwich you’ve made (or ordered, sure, why not?), and something about it. Write the recipe, take some photos of the sandwich, or, hey, tell us how your grampa or your old boss or your crazy neighbor’s little kid used to make this sandwich.
When your entry is posted, leave a comment for me here (seriously: here — right here) linking back to the URL.
Over the weekend, I’ll post a round-up linking to all the sandwich postings, and follow it up a day or two later, just to be sure we catch the late postings.
We can hardly wait to see what you decide to serve. Will you be tempted by Jagosaurus’ pim(i)ento cheese sandwich or my grilled cheese with onion jam?
grub sandwichDo you like a Dagwood or a tartine? New Englanders might like to introduce our Southern friends to the Fluffernutter. I’ve never had a Banh Mi; maybe one of you will entice me. Reuben? Muffulletta? Chip butty? Croque Madame? Hoagie, grinder, sub, Italian, hero?
I’m guessing not all of you will succumb to the allure of the 1930 spiced Crisco and raw egg sandwich spread or JM’s sandwich of brie, grub, and Tabasco seen here, but you must have a favorite sandwich, a least favorite sandwich, an everyday sandwich, a childhood memory sandwich, or a new sandwich recipe you’ve been keen to try. Join us next weekend, and we’ll all have a sandwich party.
Ain’t no party like a sandwich party, ’cause a sandwich party don’t stop!
Thanks to macbebekin‘s own Elli for the photo of a witchetty grub!…
… which I cheekily posted here before she woke up and saw my desperately-seeking-sandwich-photo email. Hi, Elli!

18 thoughts on “sandwich party

  1. Hi Elsa! I just woke up and heartily approve — any photos of mine are yours for the linking. You know, I was dreaming about a Dagwood yesterday…

  2. Elli: Phew!
    Jane: Though I didn’t envision the sandwich party as a contest, if you serve a gamey foot sandwich, you win.

  3. Fantastic idea! I’m in! That gives me just enough time to find (or learn to make) a mind-bogglingly delicious sandwich.

  4. This is exactly the sort of internet event in which I would gladly participate. I’m going to be excited about this all week!

  5. I left a comment, but it seems to have disappeared… so here’s attempt #2:
    This has to be the yummiest sandwich I’ve ever made. And the most ethical, too: almost 100% fresh, local and in-season ingredients!

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