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Are you eagerly awaiting the weekend sandwich party? Of course you are!
The sandwich party arose as a joke, but Jagosaurus and I quickly realized that here was a dining challenge to which almost everyone could rise: eat a sandwich and tell us about it.
You decide how elaborate an event this needs to be. If the fancy strikes you, bake a fine loaf of bread, whip up homemade mayonnaise, and top it all with paperthin slices of home-roasted duck. Throw a tea party and serve pressed cucumber sandwiches. Browse The Sandwich Project for ideas. Describe your brown-bag standard. Give us your killer hummus recipe and tell us what vegetables go best with it on grocery-store pita. Tell us about your stupefyingly easy and delicious pulled pork sandwiches. Swipe one of your kid’s Uncrustables* and tell us how it was. We’re eager to hear how each of you plays with the basic (and I do mean “basic”) idea.
For those running short on time or inspiration, keep this calming thought in mind: there’s no rule against ice cream sandwiches or sandwich cookies. You have time to eat a Nutter Butter, don’t you?
previous sandwiches on macbebekin:
vegan artichoke dip on sourdough with tomatoes. Don’t forget the cassava chips!
– the Cézanne tartine: roasted vegetables with avocado and farmhouse cheddar on whole wheat bread, with balsamic-dressed mixed greens, cranberry, and candied walnuts.
herbed neufchatel tartines on onion-herb bread, topped with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and sauteed mushrooms, served with homemade cream of tomato soup and oven-fried sweet potatoes.
– grilled cheesy panini with onion jam (and without a panini machine).
spicy Crisco spread.
– a tale of childhood gastronomy.
– a future tea party with wafer-thin tea sandwiches.
– Don’t eat these sandwiches. Ugh.
– JM’s witchetty grub.
* What marketing group came up with that name? Uncrustables? Really?

5 thoughts on “sandwiches previous

  1. Mmm, the Viking. I really liked the lunches there. Mine was always tuna on toast with iceburg lettuce and also with the chips inserted into the sandwich, and also the tall rootbeer.
    Oh, and I suppose the sundaes were okay too….

  2. I should write-up the tuna salad sandwiches my great aunt and I live off of when I visit. The local country store dishes out the BEST tuna salad I have ever eaten. Did we have tuna salad sandwiches for Thanksgiving dinner? Why yes. Yes we did.
    I’ll have to try to replicate their tuna salad during one of the sandwich parties.

  3. 1) I was sure the name “Uncrustables” had to be a joke on your part, a reinterpreting of a similar but less gross-sounding brand name.
    2) Have things sunk so low in food preppery that we need to have access to pre-made frozen PB&Js?
    3) REALLY?
    4) “Uncrustables” would be a good name for Teflon-lined underpants.

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