which party? sandwich party!

notice of time trickery: this entry was originally posted at 9:27 a.m., December 7th, and updated throughout the weekend.
Thanks to everyone who came to the sandwich party! I had a blast! And some sandwiches!
With the time-zone advantage, Simon has already leapt into the breach with his entry for the party. (Which party? Sandwich party!) Excerpt:

Step one: the ingredients. The bread has to be white, sliced, preferably cheap and twappy.

Man, it’s like some internet ventriloquist’s act, but without the creepy dummy*: I say “chip butty” here, and Simon makes a chip butty there. That staggers me and is awesome.
Sgazzetti follows that with the summer of BLTs:

The BLT is a model of synergy, a perfect example of ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.

Whether sgazzetti knows it or not, this sandwich rings with significance for our family this time of year. Yesterday was two years to the day since our father died peacefully at home after months of home hospice care. I don’t have the emotional wherewithal today to tell the story of Dad’s last BLT, and how it restored the will to live, but maybe someday.
NotMyAndrea forced her sister to eat a hamandmacandcheese on wheat toast with lettuce:

It was conceived of one day when my sister was making a leftover ham sandwich and we also had some leftover baked mac and cheese and I coerced her into adding it to her sandwich to satisfy some kind of vicarious meat sandwich curiosity.

She followed that up with a classic PB&J, constructed with attention to detail:

I don’t believe in skimping on the PB. A nice thick layer, and then not toooo much jam, because it will soak through your bread if said bread is correctly twappy, and you don’t want any soaking to occur. Also, if you use too much jam it might blop out the bottom of the sandwich and into your lap when you take a bite.

Jagosaurus opted for tuna salad and Utz chips:

(or crisps if you’re not from around here) and ginger ale. Tasty.

Hampered by a bare fridge, I played pantry roulette, ending up with an open-faced sandwich of sun-dried tomato neufchatel with onion-garlic jam, shaved parmesan, and shredded apple:

It is better than I thought, and though each component loses some individuality, they meld together surprisingly well. It’s sweet and tart, silky and creamy, warm and cold, and altogether surprising.

Em K’s sandwich post was so tasty, her computer ate it:

Bah. I need a drink.

Jim rings in the morning with French Toast Sandwiches with Apparently Candied Pears:

Because I hate how my heart beats so regularly, and also, how little sugar I ingest in a single sitting. Two birds, one stone, I say.

Macbebekin’s own Elli flitted over to Flickr to show us a sad selection of toasties and to tell us about the bread & honey treat

just like I used to eat at my granny’s when I was a little girl. Back then I would also have a Flintstone’s chewable vitamin which would leave colored bits around the bite marks.

Bill D. ruminates on the grilled cheese sandwich:

In French cuisine, they have this concept of “mother sauces.” These are 4 basic sauces that can be added upon and tweaked to make a practically infinite number of other sauces… the primary colors of the food world, in a way. Well, if the concept carries over to the sandwich side of things, you have to figure that the grilled cheese would be one of the mother sandwiches.

Erik brings us the savor of Spain with his bocadillo de tortilla de patata:

It’s really nothing more than a typical Spanish omelet that you place between two pieces of bread, and it’s an item that you’ll find at almost any tapas bar in Spain.

Frédérique escaped the twin spectres of accidental death and research work long enough to make Monday Morning Brioche French Toast and Fresh Strawberries With Balsamic Marinade Sandwich. Monday morning, you say? But surely the sandwich party is a weekend affair?

I had a very busy weekend, what with narrowly escaping death-by-falling-giant-tree-branch, cycling in perpetual head winds, catching up on research and gardening hours and getting lost on my way to a friend’s house, and missed the official ‘Sunday night’ deadline. So once more, I thank my good star for being on the other side of the date-change line and submit late, yet on time. 😉

Leslie enjoyed a Hungry Hillbilly Sub:

This is a Hungry Hillbilly. Made with care by Charley so I could take the perfect photo, this stately sandwich is comprised of turkey, ham, American cheese (of course),bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

IMAG1459.JPGDiehard sandwich partygoers that we are, Frédérique and I each took a second bash at our sandwiches! Frédérique presents a glorious dessert sandwich of meringues, sorbet, and fruit, a gorgeous pile of sweet and vibrant colors that will dazzle you.
Me, I piled together the same old same old: sun-dried tomato neufchatel, onion jam (a fresh batch, still warm!), and a slice of cheddar this time, shown here with more russet oven chips and the half-apple waiting to be sliced thin and laid atop the sandwich.
Marigoldie’s site is password protected, but she’s sharing a recipe with us, as well as a very astute serving suggestion.

I shredded up some Follow Your Heart fake cheddar, chopped up a huuuuge pimiento, a few tablespoons of fake mayo, some chopped green onion, a sprinkle of cayenne and that was that. I followed Jag’s recipe to the T, except for using vegan alternatives. Then I grilled my sandwich on Ezekiel sprouted sunflower bread with light Earth Balance. It was goooood. I had it with some salt & pepper Kettle chips and a salad. And then I carried it over to the couch and watched the Simpsons with it.

Now I realize that I left out a perhaps crucial component of my sandwich party: my first sandwich (see above) and I sat together and watched “The Simpsons” with writers’ commentary. Mmm, delicious.
Check out the comments on this very entry for gaoo’s empty-fridge special: the refrito & herb quesadilla, a south-of-the border sandwich on corn tortillas:

the authentic small tough ones with limey mineral taste. We always have these because they keep in the fridge for months.

AMGS makes a sweet and simple breakfasty treat, the berry break sandie:

INGREDIENTS: a blueberry bagel and strawberry cream cheese.
Toast the blueberry bagel. Spread moderate amount of strawberry cream cheese on it. Put the pieces together and enjoy.
It’s even better than it sounds. Try it!

I’ll be updating this entry through the day weekend as I can, so check back to see what’s for lunch, dinner, breakfast, elevenses, tea, or midnight snack.
*I’m assuming.

13 thoughts on “which party? sandwich party!

  1. I think it’s hilarious that I’m now being referred to as NotMyAndrea in places other than Jane’s blog comments.
    Also: The Sandwich Party was a great idea. Thanks for organizing it.

  2. Elsa, I wonder if you anticipated the sandwich party dates/anniversary/bacon phenomenon. Kind of spooky. Hi Dad! He did love a good sandwich! (crunchy peanut butter and dill pickle?)
    One of our brothers has said that bacon is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. I was fondly thinking recently about how Dad and I used to often go out to lunch and split a turkey club with fries. Then we got real and each ordered one so we could eat our respective second half at three in the afternoon.
    Life is good.

  3. Gaoo: I have been told to try the peanut butter/dill pickle sandwich recently and now you mention it here. Surely this is a sign.
    Bacon IS proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

  4. I know it’s Monday now, and I can’t post a link ;cause I don’t have a blog, but I did make a yummy, easy, empty fridge, hit-the-spot little snacky samwich the other day. Take corn tortillas, the authentic small tough ones with limey mineral taste. We always have these because they keep in the fridge for months. Toss in frying pan with olive oil til they are blistered on both sides. Smear with refried beans right out of the can. Top with grated sharp cheddar. Put in hot oven for a few minutes til the cheese melts. Could probably leave them in the frying pan with the lid on too. Then top with a handful of greens. I had “herb salad mix” but anything will do. Top with salsa. Yum! Hot melty, cold crunchy, oily, spicy.

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