Illustration Friday: Stitch

IFri: StitchMy inspiration for this entry comes from grade school PE class. We were forced to run a mile around the school and yes, a mile is such a small distance, but you have to understand that I’m short and back then, way shorter. The start was always great, running half a minute down the driveway to the gate, but then my breath would run out and a group of us would walk/run the next section until we rounded the corner and the finish was in sight. Then it was every girl for herself as we raced to the finish for our final time, the sprint leaving me doubled over with a sharp pain in my side. Hence stitch.
Where the drawing (all done on my wacom, first in Illustrator, then Photoshop) went wrong was with color. I got blocked at the color stage and ended up getting too sketchy, then all turned dark and I gave up.
Now I have to go watch the keynote on Apple’s site because it’s there.

2 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Stitch

  1. The new heading is tres elegant, and the slogan makes very clear that you are not some crazy girl. I still think “joined at the un-hip” is one of the funniest things ever, though.

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