still, silent

Just to back up Elli’s recent mention that, hey, guys, there are two of us, I wanted to post a little something here. And boy howdy, do I ever mean a little something. I started the new semester two weeks ago, and keeping my head above water is proving to take nearly all my energy. Add on top a few personal and family events and obligations, and you can count on hearing very little from me for, oh, a while.
In the meantime, I’ll pop my head up here and there and spout random nuggets, just to show you there are two heads in this enterprise.
Random thoughts for today:
– My syntax has gone all wonky. Got to rein that in before I turn in my first paper.
– When I tell friends that I miss Chicago, most of what I mean is “I miss tacos.”
– We have a big cardboard canister of chipotle powder. One of these days, I ought to figure out something to make with that.
– If the freezer is so full, why isn’t there any good food in there? Answer: It’s mostly full of mostly-empty plastic tubs, most of them holding the scant remains of staples: nuts, grains, home-frozen farmstand vegetables and herbs, most of which are mostly used up and could probably be discarded without detriment to our future meals. Mostly.
– I recently vowed not to feel guilty about a few social obligations that I’ll need to miss or postpone. I’m feeling a little guilty about that vow.
– Outside my window but just out of view, something is making a great prolonged sighing sound, as if someone is expressing air from an inflatable mattress the size of an apartment building. Hmm.

5 thoughts on “still, silent

  1. Heh. Speaking of busy, I was just going to email you and mention that I figured the next sandwich party would probably be in the late spring at the earliest.
    Also, make thee some tacos … with chipotle seasoning.
    You know, in your spare time.

  2. But tacos with chipotle powder seem so obvious. I was thinking something a little more counter-intuitive, something along the lines of… I dunno… brownies… peanut brittle… caramel corn.
    Ladies and gents, I think we have a winner. Chipotle caramel corn. Hmm.

  3. I think brownies w/ chipotle powder and some cinnamon, like the pepper cake. And underbaked, so they are gooey and the heat stays in your mouth. Mmmmm. With dulce de leche ice cream? But I digress…
    I would happily sample spicy caramel corn.
    Also, I have had yummy chipotle mashed potato pancakes.
    And what about a giant pot of soup with all the dribs and drabs of freezer stuff? For those after school suppers. All done!

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