Crumpler HeadaitchI was just perusing old entries and adding tags (new feature on macbebekin — thanks MT!) when I stumbled upon this one about denying JM a new Crumpler bag. Ah, the foolish days of non-velcro totes and messenger bags. So happy we gave in.

I bought this one in Melbourne on our last trip down south. It replaced an old worn out Levi’s zipperless tote that had been my book bag for German class. I do miss the soft suede interior of that bag, but this one has ample room at the bottom for lost keys, a long pouch on one side and two on the other, all with velcro tabs to keep the contents from rattling about. I love it and the color, a dark brownish black. “Gunmetal” the salesperson insisted. Whatever, is nice, I like. I hesitated because of the large stitched logo on the front, but turn it around and it’s no longer a walking billboard.

It carries:
2 Moleskines (Reporter and Calendar)
Pencil bag
Hat (folding bucket kind)
Business cards
Receipts (in the long pouch)
Mobile phone
Extra pens not in pencil bag
Lipstick and lip gloss
Hand wipes
Face shield (in case I need to resuscitate you)
Mosquito bite clicker thing
Shopping tote (thanks Elsa)

4 thoughts on “Crumpled

  1. I, too, want more info about your mosquito bite clicker thing.
    “Gunmetal”? I’m with you —That salesperson is mistaken, or has a substandard artillery of uncertain alloy: gunmetal has more blue in it.

  2. The link has been added — if you click on “mosquito bite clicker thing” it will take you to see this liitle green device. It’s doesn’t work all the time, but it distracts me from the itch for a while and in that way does its job.
    I haven’t had to resuscitate anyone yet, but having learned first aid it is now my duty to provide care should I happen upon a victim, um, I mean casualty. I added a link, mine is red.

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