And they’re off… again.

After having said our goodbyes and left Alice once this week, we’re doing it all over again thanks to a failing alternator. That’s been repaired and we’re almost out of here again. I’ve taken this opportunity (and used the free internet at our motel) to change the header of macbebekin which was looking just too cluttered to me. I don’t like the new one any more than the other, but change is always to be embraced, no? No, perhaps it’s to be silently (I repeat) silently mocked.
I should now be packing the car so we can leave early tomorrow morning, but instead I’m going to pass out from a hormone headache and minor heat exhaustion. This is it, Alice Springs, we’re breaking up in summer. I will no longer tolerate another day over 40 degrees. Period. You suck. Gaaaaaaah.
The past few weeks have tested me in so many ways, mostly in regards to sharing a house with someone who talked non-stop. Brushing the dog, talk talk talk, walking outside, talk talk talk, you return, talk talk talk, hanging laundry, talk talk talk, you’re watching a show, talk talk talk. The same stories repeated over and over and over. I was going out of my mind. It’s still so fresh, I can’t bear to think about it any more.
JM and I are now headed to Canberra for a cross-cultural seminar on living in an indigenous community. Our first volunteer project is in Port Adelaide next month — so exciting — helping a performing arts organisation with their identity and website.
Now to sleep, perchance to be freed from this tension headache…

3 thoughts on “And they’re off… again.

  1. “No longer tolerate another 40 degree day”? Maybe you’d better leave the country? 😉
    In Melnourne now it is an autumnal 37 degrees so here’s hoping the 40+ weather is over for this year!

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