Some things I never tire of:
– the smell of orange peel.
– fresh bread.
– rosemary. I love the flavor, the scent, and the look of it: in soap, in essential oils, in a frittata, with pan-fried potatoes, photographed against the light, unfurling itself in a terracotta pot, crushed between my fingers.
– the kitty weaving her way between my ankles when I show up for catsitting duty. No, not even when she trips me.
– the various family kids, with their various (sometimes, but not always age-specific) fancies and interests.

Things I still miss:
– late-night taco stands.
– the anonymity of the subway.
– my father’s too-thin hand patting mine.
– tromping the thirty steps to Elli’s house so we could celebrate or commiserate daily. It’s been over 20 years since we were childhood neighbors, and I still miss that ease.

Things I have yet to accept, and still resent with varying degresses of intensity:
– the end-of winter slushy slog.
– car alarms.
– mold.
– people who still leave their cellphones on in the theater, the movies, and in exams.

5 thoughts on “fresh

  1. Howdy! I need some personal, timely photos of yourself!!! Are you thinking about coming to Houston? Maybe when Elli’s here? Hmmm?

  2. TR, I’ll dig around and see what I can find for photos! I’m camera shy these days, evidently, so most of my pictures are family-gathering stuff with The Fella’s family.
    I hadn’t thought of coming to Houston, but now I’m thinking it. Thinking, thinking, thinking.

  3. You can come (-: If you come when Elli’s here, you can complain with her about how hot it is. I, of course, do not think it’s hot in the slightest!
    You come whenever you can. It would be so sweet to see you. Hmmm. I’ll buy you dark chocolate.

  4. I still remember your phone number from 20 years ago. Even though we were 30 steps apart I must have called you every day as well. How fortunate for me that you moved not only to Houston, but next door!

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