He cuts down trees

Now it’s 9:50 p.m. and I can’t get sleep so I’ll try this writing thing again although I’m not feeling as excited about it as last time. In fact, I’m feeling down right glum. Bitter even. Maybe resentful as well. I have no humor at this point, fresh out. Right now the sawing of logs that has kept me from my plain-jane sleep has stopped, but I know as soon as my head hits the pillow they will fire back up and no amount of sighing will get them to stop. Nope, it’ll take a kick or two, a bit of flopping about and then a request, nay, demand that the lumberjack face the other direction. The past few weeks has found him expand from back-only snoring, to on the side snoring which means right towards my precious ears. I demand retribution from someone somewhere. The only thing that will make this right is a shrubbery. No, what am I saying, diamonds! Or earplugs with diamonds. And a pony, a very quiet pony that gently nudges someone whenever he snores, but it’s so sweet you can’t get mad at the pony. I’m not so sweet when it comes to the nudging, hence easy to get mad at, but the pony is your friend always.
Other events of the day… Dinner was had, chicken was consumed, blah blah blah.
What else did I do today? Oh, spaced out quite a bit from this general fatigue, which I’ve been told is affecting others as well. A friend told me to go grab some “Bug Fighter” from Woolie’s (Woolworth’s to you non-oz folks). This doesn’t conjure the prettiest pictures of what’s happening inside my body, but it’s worth a shot, placebo effect being just as acceptable in the end. Flower power and delusional thinking to the rescue!

3 thoughts on “He cuts down trees

  1. You won’t be there long??? I need to move you to another place or else get him a breathing machine–pure oxygen–where he will not disturb you. No oxygen, then I say kick him till he turns over, that should be the same thing he would do for you should the situation be reversed. Sleep, baby girl, sleep well. Do the meditation–from the top of your head down to your toes. You have to take care of you and then you can fight for anyone!

  2. As I patiently waited to fall asleep to the sounds of sawing, I decided that the sleep pony’s poop should not only NOT stink, but also it should be made out of pure gold.

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