Toilet phone!

We’re currently spending our time at the Alice Springs Resort and due to the 100% occupancy had to move from our cozy standard rooms to the deluxe-super-something rooms. Upon first inspection of our new dwellings I noted the major difference to be the presence of a phone mounted on the wall next to the toilet. Somebody pinch me to see if this is just a dream… We also have in-room entertainment in the form of a noisy mosquito and a balcony overlooking the Todd River from which we could jump if only there was water. Okay, the bed’s bigger and we have a sofa, bathtub plus shower, as well as roomier closets. I mock it now, but in two days you’ll have to drag me kicking and screaming from my superior post.
Later I’m gonna order me some room service from the toilet phone!

3 thoughts on “Toilet phone!

  1. This is not your first toilet phone. I have an aunt, your great-aunt whose had a toilet phone for years! In Amarillo?!? Remember???

  2. A red Princess wall phone hung in the bathroom above the toilet in Peggy’s house. I haven’t been in it since she moved to an apartment and her daughter moved in but I am assuming it’s still there (-:

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