I’m perturbed over the fact that I asked JM to upgrade Movable Type based solely on the new user pic feature AND IT DOESN’T WORK. I’m so sorry, Bu, I’ll never ask you to upgrade MT again. Instead, next time, we’ll switch to WordPress. I promise I’m not doing this in order to find more grey hairs. (I swear that man has no grey on his head except in his beard. Dude, you’re 38 (almost). Meanwhile, all the dyes in Australia cannot keep these little hairs brown.)

7 thoughts on “Mini-rant

  1. Movable Type vs WordPress? Hmmm. New…P I C T U UR R R E ……………P ICTURE…………PICTURE……….Oh! I’m just so visually oriented.

  2. And in the meantime, the new update borked (once again) all the internal links I’d corrected from the last update.
    Sigh. No one loves the MT updates. Poor J-M.

  3. Do you have Image::Magick installed? It’s an optional module for MT, but its required if you want to those features?
    A good host will have ImageMagick installed, but many unfortunately do not.

  4. Timothy, yep, ImageMagick is installed. I’ve searched the community forums for answers but only found others with the same problem. I’m wondering if anyone has gotten it to work.
    Elsa, send me an example of the internal link…

  5. Elli, take a look at, for example, this entry:
    All the “previously on macbebekin” links now lead to 404 errors. That happens every time we have an upgrade; I assumed you knew. After each upgrade, I poke around correcting internal links, here and there whenever I have a spare minute, but if we’re switching once again, I’ll hold off a while.

  6. Often, the updates also eliminate some non-basic punctuation — say, apostrophes, semi-colons, colons — in old entries, though I didn’t notice it this time.

  7. Arg. I’ve written to MT about the user pics, we’ll see if there’s any response. I’ll have to figure out the broken internal link problem after this next project. I’m not sure if we’re ever upgrading again…

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