More trips, old and new

Well, I’m not waking up at 5:00 any more like a week ago, but since then I am pulled out of sweet slumber at around 1:30 every night. There is no way I’m getting up to write at 1:30, I’m too lazy. This will hopefully be resolved by next week when we take the back roads down to Adelaide. When traveling JM and I usually hit the hay not long after dark (which is coming earlier and earlier) and wake up before sunrise and the swarms of flies.
Speaking of flies, our trip with the Getaway group was great and best of all our interview ended up on the cutting room floor. Possible reason: JM mentioning the word “butt”. We went to the regular Thursday night barbecue at Jol’s to watch the segment and also say goodbye to the usual crowd since we may not be back this way for a few months or longer. I had such a fun time on that shoot and am grateful to the cameraman Chris who taught me how to use my polarising filter! Here’s the Getaway segment about the Never Never Track and Jol’s site Direct 4WD where you can book the trip if you’re down this way (JM’s done all his 4WD training with Jol as well). Also here are my photos of the Never Never excursion.

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