Taking the plunge

I wrote on twitter about being shy. Here’s a bit of expounding:
Before yesterday I wouldn’t have added you as a contact unless I knew you personally or overcame the supreme sense of hesitation after seeing that you added me and thought why on earth would this person do that? When I was actively doing Illustration Friday I loved the comments, but it was so hard for me to leave one on somebody else’s site. I’ve always been the girl who sits at the side of the pool splashing her feet while you were out there playing marco polo or whatever. I hate making the first move and for that matter so does JM–it’s a wonder we’ll celebrate our tenth anniversary soon.
Anyway, yesterday I had a beer and threw caution to the wind. I started adding people left and right to my twitter and flickr accounts. I even left a message or two. Maybe only one, not two. Am I too weird? It’s taken a while, but I think I’m finally getting the gist of this internet life-thing. Toes in, next the whole foot.

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