Dude, where’s my vision? Brought to you by the letter C.

C is for chalazion. I thought I was the victim of spider bite until the opthamologist set me straight. The lump on my eyelid is very small in comparison to all the photos I’ve found, but it’s large enough to have caused my vision to go all wonky and produce a ghosted double of everything. I’m currently using chamomile tea bags as a warm compress to bring down the swelling, but what a pain the eye this has been.
I am in love, sweet bitter love with Chinotto, but I can’t help the creeping feeling I’m slowly being poisoned while I drink it.
The final C represents the campground where we’re staying close to the project in Port Adelaide. At night I can hear the waves on the beach (but not during the day). The original accommodation came with a cat and since I’m allergic we had to find a back up. We’re in a cosy cabin surrounded by wild bunnies. Odd, but true.

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