The Fella and I have been trying to socialize more, a resolution that butts up against our natural inclination to hole up alone together in our dollhouse-sized apartment and make fun of movies. The more we go out, and the more we have people over to our dollhouse-sized apartment, the more I daydream about parties I’d like to have:
– an easy brunch. Nothing too fancy, and no on-the-spot cooking: I’ll bake sweet rolls and let people help themselves to homemade granola, macerated fruit, yogurt, and slices of cold frittata. Mostly, this is a chance to catch up with friends who work weekday jobs, to show off the espresso maker The Fella gave me for Christmas, to break open the “extra” bottle of champagne my mom casually palmed off on me during a recent visit. (Which tells you something about my mother: she’s the kind of person who gives away champagne. Thanks, Mom!)
– a Star Wars viewing party. Okay, this one belongs to The Fella. I mentioned wanting to watch the trilogy all together some night, and he perked up. “We’ll have people over!” ….yyyyyes, okay, let’s! I’ll bake swirly cinnamon rolls, so we can hold ’em up to our heads Leia-style. He can take charge of everything else.
– a birthday party. Can you imagine a better birthday cake than this? Pistachio cake, marzipan, apricot preserves (or maybe I’d use bitter marmalade, mmmmm), and dark chocolate ganache. Swoon. Do you suppose making actual petit fours would make it any simpler? No, perhaps not.
– a proper tea party. I want to unpack the box of porcelain teacups that Mom gave me, make some dainty little sandwiches and tiny pastries, and sit in the garden with friends, all wearing sunhats and sipping tea with our pinkies prinked out from the handle. I foresee only two possible obstacles: I have no teapot and no garden.
What party would you give? What party would you attend?

5 thoughts on “parties

  1. You have no teapot?!? I have two teapots. Let me talk to Elli, and if you want one, I shall be more than happy to send a esteemed teapot to you.

  2. TR, your sweetness shouldn’t surprise me, but it always manages to. What a lovely thought, and any teapot from you would be esteemed.
    But your generosity makes me think: my mother, also generous, has a mess o’ teapots, coffeepots, and cocoa pots, all handed down in the family for a few generations. Maybe I’ll ask her if she has a family teapot to spare.
    I’ll report back.

  3. We actually did the Star Wars one once. A ton of people turned up, even people who were just passing by, heard the noise, and were overcome with nostalgia.
    Just make sure you get the original versions, not the “Special” editions.

  4. Yeah, I was vehement on the subject of retconning. “Greedo shot first,” my Aunt Fanny. The Fella is both a bigger nerd and a better AV geek than I, so he’ll get the good stuff.
    The dollhouse-sized apartment is more of a sticking point than the revamped films; our tiny living room room allows perhaps one-and-a-half people to sprawl comfortably while watching a movie. We might have to have the viewing party in the great big bedroom.

  5. If teapot quest is still open, then any teapot TR wishes to bestow upon you is a-ok with me. I love you Mamala (aka TR).

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