I’m back

Watch out, travels are over and I’m back on the net, people.
Elsa and I received our first spamalicious request to review product x, over which we had a good laugh and set some ground rules (all thanks to Elsa because my brain is on vacation still):
A) We might choose not to write about it.
B) If we do decide it’s worth writing about, the review might be negative.
c) We will always disclose that the product was a promotional sample.
So there you have it. We’re all about disclosure and honesty if you didn’t get that already. You’re curious now, aren’t you? Too bad, we’re exercising option A here.
On the verge
Memories from ten and twenty years ago come flooding back to me as I approach the big 3-9 which precurses* the massive 4-0. (*Why is this not a verb? I precurse you!) I’m remembering the drama department at UT, the cult where I met JM, moving to a new country, the adjustment… Is it all about adjusting and accepting? I sense a trend…
In Port Adelaide, on our last day there, I woke up from a dream thinking “this isn’t my life”, that I should go back to sleep to the life I was just experiencing–I really and truly couldn’t identify with the waking me. It was so cool. Once I realized, no, this is it, I was able to adjust, but the whole experience gave me pause to consider just what reality is which at this moment is… I’m running out of internet time at the caravan park.


One thought on “I’m back

  1. D) We may revise this policy without notice.
    It’s taking all my restraint not to link to the Federal Trade Commission’s ruling against the manufacturers of the product in question.

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