Sandwich Party, round 2: July 25-27

Thanks to Sandwich Party co-conspirator and photographer extraordinaire, Jagosaurus, a.k.a., Jane George, for the photograph!
It’s a sign of the times, if by “times” you mean “time for another Sandwich Party!” That’s right, it’s another Sandwich Party, and you’re invited!
What’s a sandwich party, you ask? In December, Jagosaurus and I co-hosted the first Sandwich Party, detailed here and here. Feast your senses, baby. It all started with a conversation about pimiento cheese, though the onion jam played its part. Before too long, we decided this called for a party without borders or walls: a Sandwich Party!
Participation is simple: sometime between Friday, July 25th, and Sunday, July 27th, you post an entry describing a sandwich. Your sandwich can be simple or posh, homemade or storebought, openfaced or triple-decker. You decide.
Once you’ve posted your entry, leave a comment in this very entry or in Jag’s invitation entry . Make sure your comment links back to your post! Jagosaurus and I will round up the various entries over the weekend, both here and at Hillbilly, Please.
What will you be making, or ordering, or buying? Will you try your hand at a real Maine lobster roll? Do you need a breakfast sandwich, dripping with bacon grease and egg yolk? Will you try to duplicate the highbrow duck tartine you had in that Left Bank bistro? Or the mayo and banana sandwich your Gramma always ate for a midnight snack?
Still not sure it’s that simple? Maybe you’d be reassured by my entry or Jagosaurus’ entry inviting participants to the previous Sandwich Party, or check out the entries filed under the sandwich party tag and you’ll see just how undemanding this party can be!
Maybe you need some ideas for the best sandwich ever. Maybe you need more ideas. Maybe you need some ideas for panini, or for vegetarian sandwiches.
Whatever your sandwich, we’re looking forward to hearing from you at the Sandwich Party!
Since Jagosaurus is tossing around sequel titles over there, I was moved to stake out my own titles:
Sandwich Party 2: Sandwich Boogaloo and Sandwich Party II: Sandwich Party Harder.
Still under consideration:
Sandwich Party II: Feivel Goes West
The Sandwich Supremacy
When a Sandwich Calls Back
Sandwich Party II: Bread by Dawn
Sandwich Party II: The Pumpernickel Strikes Back
Sandwich Party: The Rye Who Shagged Me
Sandwich Party: The Two Toasters

and, only if I get access to an electric panini grill:
Sandwich Party II: The Rise of the Machines.

13 thoughts on “Sandwich Party, round 2: July 25-27

  1. This is so much better than anything I can muster right now. I may just copy it wholesale and forgo any attempts at creativity.

  2. Feel free! But be warned: I haven’t even spell-checked it.
    Wow, such slacksterism. We are truly an embarrassment to Sandwich Partygoers everywhere.

  3. Sgazzeti, are you seeing a lots of old posts updated in the RSS feed?
    The recent MT update killed off all our internal links. (Yeah, and thanks a lot, for that, MT.) Last night, I resurrected all the links in the previous Sandwich Party posts, which might put old entries in the RSS feed. You’ll notice that Elli’s been plugging away updating URLs in the archives, too.

  4. I don’t have a blog, but may I submit the butter jelly and tuna fish on rye that I made when I was ten? ;-P

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