Sandwich party favors

Here’s a little party favor for you if you’re participating in the sandwich party redux. We only ask that you copy the image and upload it to your own site if you decide to use it. (Note: our css displays images with a gray border, otherwise there is a hairline dark green one around the image.)
Here’s the link to the gif, jpeg, and png.

4 thoughts on “Sandwich party favors

  1. Mention of Sandwich party II allows me to wax rhapsodic about our lunch today-my sandwich in particular. A BLT, yes, but a BLT made with grilled French bread, garlic aioli, roasted tomatoes, some kind of delicate, probably local greens, and thick slabs of apple smoked bacon! Oh.My.God. With slaw and homemade pickles. Thank you, Elsa! Let’s go to the Front Room again tomorrow.

  2. I was all, “Oh, hell yes, that sounds good,” and then I realized that, duh, I bought it for her and watched her eat it. At lunch. Together. Yesterday.
    I. Am. Dumb.
    Gaoo, let’s make it The Front Room tomorrow and Duckfat the next day, alternating forever and ever, Amen.

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