Sandwich Party 2: Grills Gone Wild

grilled dinner altered Just a little teaser for Sandwich Party 2: Sandwich Boogaloo.
Feast your eyes on this grilled vegetarian platter*. Dinner that evening was a series of free-form openfaced sandwiches, each one just a few savory bites, then time to compose the next sandwich. On the platter, you see:
– a long, thin baguette sliced on the bias, brushed with olive oil and butter spiked with garlic and herbs, and grilled til it chars at the ends
– salted and drained zucchini grilled with lemon juice and zest, olive oil, and plenty of black pepper and fresh basil
– Vidalia onion soaked in sherry, then smeared with butter and brown sugar before grilling.
– mushrooms cooked in a balsamic and red wine reduction before grilling
– asparagus grilled in lemon and oil
– barbequed tofu: tofu cooked in boiling water, then drained (this gives tofu a chewy yet creamy toothiness) before an overnight marinade in a tomato and brown sugar mixture of The Fella’s concocting, then seared over high heat to caramelize.
*That’s a platter of grilled vegetarian fare, not of grilled vegetarians.

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