Elsa’s Oven Fries

Elsa's Oven Fries
I had these potatoes see, and I remembered Elsa had posted a recipe for oven fries, so after a quick search for “potato” on our site I found her recipe for oven fried potatoes and sweet potatoes. I was already off the recipe at first glance since I had no sweet potatoes, but this didn’t daunt, nor the fact that I only had olive oil.
JM peeled while I sliced and soon we had the lot resting in cold water. We had a small discussion about how to cut the fries with JM finally cracking, “don’t be anal about it” (that could sound mean but it was quite funny at the time) so we settled on traditional fry form. We tossed our de-starched sticks in the olive oil and laid them out over the salt covered tray. I then used a BBQ seasoning to spice things up a bit. We followed the directions the rest of the way leaving the fries to bake for 20 minutes before turning. Being so thin, it was more of a pushing around so some didn’t get as brown as others. No worries, all were cooked through and a real delight to eat.
Notes for next time: Perhaps try an olive oil/vegetable spray to coat the fries instead of tossing to make them a bit lighter. Also I’d like to try them with skins on because I’m that kind of girl.
Final verdict: Super! Will definitely make them again. Thanks Elsa!

1 thought on “Elsa’s Oven Fries

  1. Oh, yum! Those look fantastic!
    I really ought to correct that entry, and some of the changes are things you point out:
    You can absolutely leave the potato skins on. I always do, though that’s not what the entry says. I do always skin the sweet potatoes, though some people prefer to scrub the skin and leave it.
    The amount of oil in the recipe is quite generous, and lately I’ve been using about half that. I’ve also tried spraying them with oil, but for me, tossing in the reduced amount works best.
    The BBQ seasoning sounds great! I’ve been using lots of cumin lately for a smoky undertone, along with chili powder and oregano, sometimes rosemary.
    As you saw, olive oil works fine. Sometimes, I melt a sliver of butter with the oil for even better browning.
    For some reason, my sweet potato fries have been coming out limp and soft lately, less like fries than soggy shoelaces. They’re still good, just not crispy. After a bit of research, I’m blaming this on their variable starch content and on the storage at the grocery stores, not on myself, whether that’s right or wrong.

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