happiness list

This list started life as an email to Macbebekin’s own Elli, to whom I have privately kvetched at some length lately. I thought an aimlessly cheery little list might balance the scales a bit.
The little things making me happy today:
– seltzer with lemon and ice. Later? Seltzer with lemon, ice, and vodka. Oh, yes.
– your Flickr photostream.
– the new necklace I made myself.
– the thought of coming to Australia just to make you and JM a grilled dinner.
– snapping away like crazy with the adorable camera you gave me (which, let’s face it, could be the next Pixar hero).
– new sunglasses.
– a new pair of black velveteen jeans for the fall.
– our newly organized study and bar.
– the new curtain I hung in the kitchen this morning, before breakfast, before coffee, before anything.
– my first local tomato of the season, and the smile the farmstand woman gave me when I said so.

2 thoughts on “happiness list

  1. I loved the smile the the farmstand woman gave you when you told her it was your first tomato. Like a little ellipse of time I saw you, the smile–with the wind, her hair brushing across her eyes, her hand moving the hair.

  2. I need to do one of these as well…
    – Four e-mails from you in my inbox this morning with especially funny knock-knock talk.
    – I have an eye patch just like a pirate and my eye didn’t tear last night for the first time this week.
    – I’m officially caffeine free and the headaches are gone.
    – There are two pieces of JM’s tasty apple pie leftover in the fridge. Yum yum yum…

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