This is my fourth day with a sore throat and my second with a touch of laryngitis. Today, I realized that one of the gourmet lollipops The Fella brought home last weekend might be just the thing. I select “Blueberry” and pop in in my mouth.
So I’m sitting here checking my email, and noodling around online, and puzzling away at the lollipop’s flavor, which has, yes, a pronounced initial hit of shelf-stable blueberry, but a subtler undertone of something. As I idly lick at the pop, the something else becomes more pronounced, and more pronounced, until I can’t taste blueberry “Blueberry” at all, just the something else. Something familiar.
And I’m so busy wondering what the heck it tastes like that I keep the pop in my mouth, until suddenly my hindbrain chirps out the horrifying answer: “Fratboy body spray!”
Excuse me while I freshen my tea, won’t you?

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