happy Swiss day

To celebrate this, the pinnacle of Swiss holidays, JM made us one of the national potato dishes, rösti, and although they’re very non-swiss, I baked some chocolate chip cookies (but look, I photographed them on a white plate with a red background for that helvetic effect). We also searched for a Swiss restaurant or at least some fondue, both with no success. I did, however, find a bottle of Trocomare salt, so all is not lost when I make our veggies tonight.

8 thoughts on “happy Swiss day

  1. In JM’s honor, I’m having rösti today. I’d forgotten how meltingly delicious they are, like heaven’s own hash browns.
    Geez. We might have to declare tomorrow Swiss Day, too.

  2. I love rosti too. Did you have it with meat or just go with eggs as I prefer? Not familiar with Trocomare salt. Is it anything like sea salt (as in mare, the sea)?

  3. What about my honor? I’m still Swiss–they didn’t take my passport away when we left. Harumph. Eat rösti for me!
    We had it with just an egg, no meat, which is also my preference. Trocomare is sea salt with herbs and veggies added to it for taste.

  4. Oh, I forgot: in your honor, I ate the last chocolate chip cookie from my recent batch.
    Mmm, rösti and a cookie: it’s what’s for dinner. Doctor-approved? No. Delicious? Oh heck yeah.

  5. Man, I miss Fondue so much. Nothing beats freshly baked and cubicled bread dipped in a hot concoction of carefully chosen swiss cheeses (no not the one with the holes).

  6. JM, thanks to you, my family has a new Christmas tradition, and one that the vegetarians can enjoy, too. I make a pot of fondue (with a little mascarpone, as you taught me), and serve it with chunks of dark bread, a pile of chunked apples and bunches of grapes, and a big platter of vegetables: roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes and cauliflower, blanched brocolli and green beans and asparagus, and whole grape tomatoes. It’s gorgeous.
    Last year, The Fella and I had our own little Christmas at home, and we ate fondue sitting on the floor around the table, swilling back or beer and laughing and laughing.

  7. @Elsa… Wow, somebody took it to the next level. The creamy Italian touch definitely is a good choice. I’m always glad to hear that people get inspired by our humble traditions.
    I’m a purist myself when it comes down to fondue. Lots of cheese and bread, that’s it. But then again, I have the stomach for it, well trained over many years.
    Maybe we should do a fondue cook-off at some point?

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