Call me floppy

Hot dog! I’ve gone nine whole days without re-tearing my scratched cornea. Today was my three week check in with the opthamol eye doctor and she said the first layer is healed and she’s NOT referring me on for surgery. Sing, ye choir o’ angels! I’ve still got several layers left to heal, but this is a start. I’ll see her again in four weeks and hopefully I’ll be closer to 20/20 vision (if not we revisit that surgery bit, but let’s not go there). In the meantime I’ll continue my regimen of eye patching at night to seal it shut with lots of goop, only sleeping on my back or left side (right side always tears again), as well as drinking tons of water and using lots of saline drops. The doc also said I have a wee bit of “floppy lid” which means my lid pulls back too easily and it may happen while I sleep which can irritate and re-injure it. Who knows, add it to the ever-growing list. My birthday has come early this week!

5 thoughts on “Call me floppy

  1. I got a lazy lid on my right eye, but it don’t hurt none. From the side, I sometimes look like I might be asleep. But, I’m wide awake in my left eye.

  2. Yay! I accidentally deleted your comment Paddy because we were bombarded with s%*m yesterday, but I found and rescued it. Thanks MT.

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